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General Overview of Fees

Consultation Fees

Consultation Regular – $195
Consultation Long – $220

A Medicare rebate is payable for these consultations if you have an up to date referral. You can expect to receive a rebate of approximately half of this amount.

Surgical Fees

Your surgery may be conducted while you are awake (Local Anaesthetic) or asleep (General Anaesthetic). General anaesthetics are performed in a hospital. Below is a summary of the fees.

Local Anaesthetic Fees

  1. Surgical fee
  2. Local anaesthetic facility fee
  3. Pharmacy fee – for your antibiotic and pain relief script
  4. Pathology fee – if a specimen is sent to pathology

General Anaesthetic Fees

  1. Surgical fee.
  2. Hospital fee.
  3. Anaesthetic fee.
  4. Pharmacy fee.
  5. Pathology fee.

Wisdom Tooth/ Dental Extractions (Surgical Fee)

Dental extractions are not covered by Medicare however the information below can be used to obtain a refund estimate from your private health insurer.

Item Number 323 – Generally used for upper wisdom teeth and extractions, approximately $400-450 per tooth.
Item Number 324 – Generally used for lower wisdom teeth and surgical extractions, approximate cost $500-550 per tooth.

Extraction of four (4) wisdom teeth, approximate surgical cost $1850-$1950.

These fees do vary slightly due to the difficulty of the extractions and you will be provided a full quotation at your consultation.

Anaesthetic Fee

If you choose to have you surgery under a general anaesthetic you will also be under the care of a Specialist Anaesthetist. While we are unable to provide you with an exact quote for the anaesthetist fee we will be able to provide you with an estimate of the costs. It does vary depending on the time taken for the surgery as well as your private health insurance status status.

Hospital Fee

Insured patients hospital fee are usually charged according to the tier of coverage they have set up with their individual health fund. You will be required to obtain an estimate from the hospital once you know your surgical fee & item codes from the Surgeon.
Uninsured patients can expect to pay an out of pocket expense for Oral Surgery. You will be required to obtain an estimate from the hospital.