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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to call the hospital and anaesthetist or will those bookings be completed by you on my behalf?
Our staff make all necessary bookings with both the hospital and anaesthetist. Should you need to fill in any specific paperwork this will be provided to you at the time of booking your treatment. These facilities will make contact to organise payments for their services. We do provide you with a seven day checklist that you can use prior to surgery if you have not heard from these facilities, or should you wish to discuss your booking further.
Am I required to hold a referral to visit Intraface?
To organise a consultation with our surgeons you will require a referral from your General or Specialist Dentist, General Medical Practitioner or other Allied Health Professional.
Am I required to pay upfront for surgery?
Payment of our surgical fees are required prior to the date of surgery. This will be discussed with you at the time of booking your treatment. You can find payment options listed on the bottom of the quotation supplied during consultation. Should you have any further questions in relation to fees please phone our reception staff on (07) 3852 4888.
Can I have a consultation and treatment at the same time?
Consultations and treatment bookings are separate appointments. We can however, plan treatment after a consultation for urgent cases. It will be necessary to discuss your needs with our reception staff so this can be taken into consideration at the time of booking.
Do I require a consultation appointment? If so, how long does that take?
A 30 minute initial consultation is required to ensure the surgeon can gather all the necessary information so they can organise the best possible treatment plan for the patient.
How do I make a claim from Medicare and my private health insurer?

Once consultation fees with Intraface Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are paid in full you will be issued with a receipt to use to claim from Medicare.

Upon receipt of your surgery payment you will be issued with a treatment credit receipt. After surgery you will be issued a receipt stating the date of the service provided and listing the item numbers and description. It is this second receipt which you will need to use when claiming for the surgical items.

Our surgery does not deal directly with any of the health insurers, thus it is the responsibility of the patient to make claims themselves.

I had my wisdom teeth removed in the regular dentist chair, why is it required for my son/daughter to go to hospital?

Each treatment plan proposed by our surgeons is developed based on the clinical needs and personal preferences of the individual patient. If a procedure is anticipated to be complex or lengthy, our surgeons may recommend a general anaesthetic in order to optimise both the comfort of the patient and their surgical outcomes. At Intraface, we are always happy to discuss treatment options with you in your consultation.

Is it compulsory to return to see the surgeon after surgery?
Unless specifically requested, or contacted by our staff, it is not necessary to come back for a review appointment. You will be contacted by one of our staff following your procedure to ensure that healing is progressing well. If you have any concerns about any aspect of your treatment please contact our surgery.
What happens if I do not hold private health insurance, can I still be treated?
Treatment is most definitely available to patients whether they hold insurance or not. You will be provided with a quotation for our surgical fees at the consultation. Once you book your surgery you will receive the contact information of both the hospital and anaesthetist so that you can contact them directly for a quotation for any associated fees.
What should I bring to the consultation?
  1. Your Referral letter
  2. OPG or any other XRay you may have been given
  3. Your Medicare details
  4. Private Health Insurance details, if you are a member (eg. MBF, Medibank Private etc)